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Friday, 18 July 2008

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Monday, 14 July 2008

we're moving!

this feels like great news
we're moving our blogs over to wordpress
it's nothing against google (we love google!) or blogger, which has been great for us to try this out

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

biodynamic links (बिओद्य्नमिक !)

(my spell checker just started offering me hindi spellings & i don't know why...

i take it as a sign from Nandi ->

to post about biodynamics)


"O O"N"O

-only due to the fact, that we couldn't not pursue Spirit in our daily work,
-only because we had to learn to grow Quality in life,
- well, did we persist, or were we drawn, and nurtured all along? - to this experience of magic: the circle of ardents who practice and develop biodynamics

we encourage anyone of similar karma - with a gardening background or none - to find out about bd and to meet practitioners in their area. we meet a good number of non-gardeners in the seminars and workshops, and that's because biodynamics includes gardening and farming, valuing them very highly, but it's also much more comprehensive and multidimensional (than any specific worldly activity) as well. as an expression or development of an esoteric tradition - an extremely sane one at that - biodynamics addresses the need for one's daily life and work-activities to be carried out in such a way as to serve the highest spiritual possibility, regardless of profession or avocation

here are a few links to useful biodynamic (and related) resources on the internet. it's meant to grow and evolve into a useful list from its present seedling state
so, please let us know if we should add, remove or modify any listings

!Y!Y!Y !Y!Y!Y!Y !Y!Y!Y!Y

O" N
"O O" N "O O" N "O O" N "O

Biodynamic Centers and Organizations
Proper Farming
Rudolf Steiner & Anthroposophy
Food - Nutrition - Culture
General Resources
Other and Better Links Pages than this One

Biodynamic Centers and Organizations

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association of the U.S.
Junction City, OR *

Demeter Association, Inc. (certification - for the usa)
Philomath, OR

The Pfeiffer Center
Chestnut Ridge, NY

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
East Troy, WI

Rudolf Steiner College
Sacramento, CA
-an oasis of beauty, culture and love!


Proper Farming

Soil and Health Library
Tasmania, OZ

Acres, USA


Rodale Institute
Kutztown, PA


Rudolf Steiner & Anthroposophy

Anthroposophical Society of the U.S.
Ann Arbor, MI

wikipedia page

Rudolf Steiner Archive

Rudolf Steiner Audio



Camphill, North America
Copake, NY


Food - Nutrition - Culture

Weston A Price Foundation
for Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts
Washington, D.C.

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Falls Church, VA


General Resources

Doc Weather
-weather the way you haven't heard about it before...


Other and Better Links Pages than this One


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